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THE DEPARTMENT STORE: William Rehnquist. Chief Justice. U.S. Supreme Court

Another way to look at life is to see it as a different kind of department store. A store where such things as success, love of music, a six-handicap golf game, a close relationship with your son or daughter, and many other similar things are for sale. But the commodity with which they are purchased is not money, but time.

And quite contrary to the way the capitalist system works with money and goods, every one of us is given exactly the same amount of time in each hour, in each day and in each year. It is a limited amount, and it is impossible for anyone to be so rich in time that he can enjoy every single one of the things which time may buy.

So there is a choice to be made!!!!!!!!!

Self examination is the key to insight which is the key to wisdom. M Scott

We can no more afford to spend major time on minor things, than we can to spend minor time on major things.

Groete, Koekie Erlank


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