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Are your people enthusiastic about their work? Do you give feedback? A manager walked into a club one night, and was surprised to see one of his unmotivated and “problem” employees happily shouting with joy and excitement. He was bowling and knocked down all the pins.

The surprised manager has never, in all the years, seen this man happy. The Question: His been working for many years. Does he know where the pins are. When you assume that people know what’s expected of them, you are creating ineffective bowling. You cover the pins and tell your people in witch direction to throw. He hears a crack, but doesn’t know how many pins he’s knocked down. From time to time they hear only: “you missed 4” or “you missed 8” and when they knock down all the pins, its quiet. Lift the cover. Let people see what they have achieved.

Information that relates to measures of performance can be really effective:

Go Team Ken Blanchard, Alan Randolph, Peter Grazie

The key to the ninety-nine is the one –It’s how you treat the one that reveals how you regard the ninety-nine.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

Groete: koekie erlank.

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