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Though we search the world for friends, seeking pleasure, though we wander. Happiness begins and ends, here at home, not over yonder.

Fame may come, or fortunes smile. But we always learn my brother, all we have in life worthwhile, are each other? Not so long the life of man, not so strong the fragile tether. Let us spend the time we can, all the time we can together. Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Wife or Husband, Father, Mother – These our wealth, our only one…Just EACH OTHER.!!! Anon

FAMILIE is soos takke aan n boom, almal groei in verskillende rigtings maar die wortels bly as een.

Om n plek te hê om heen te gaan, is n HUIS.

Om iemand te hê om lief te he, is n FAMILIE. Om albei te hê is n SEëNING.

Geniet die naweek en waardeer jou mense !

Groete: Koekie Erlank

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