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The story is told that one day a beggar by the roadside asked for alms from Alexander the Great as he passed by. The man was poor and wretched and had no claim upon the ruler, no right even to lift a solicitous hand

Yet the Emperor threw him several gold coins. A courtier was astonished at his generosity and commented, “Sir, copper coins would adequately meet a beggar’s need. Why give him gold?” Alexander responded in royal fashion, “Copper coins would suit the beggar’s need, but gold coins suit Alexander’s giving.........................

When a very wealthy person was asked how he could afford giving away so much money to the poor. He answered “It’s not about how much money I give to the poor, it’s about how much of God’s money I keep to myself”. Anon

Groete: Koekie Erlank

Geseënde dag vir jou!

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