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To leave a legacy you have to live your life with the end in mind.

Your legacy speaks to people after your death.

Significant people live their lives with the end in view. They are always aware of the legacy they will leave behind. Reminding themselves of 3 things

1. To keep the right principles in mind

2. To have the right prospective about life.

3. To embrace the right priorities.

Legacies don’t happen overnight. It’s an accumulation of living a life daily, monthly and yearly.

Preparing a legacy that lasts require preparing those you leave behind.

Make sure that you impress on them what really matters in life.

Gods power is not limited to a particular person. – When a great person dies, we think there will never be a person like him. When a man of God dies, noting of God dies with him. Moses left Joshua; David left Solomon etc.

If you spend your life serving God and follow Him faithfully, the time will come that God will call you home and you will have successfully left a legacy and the baton of faith will be handed to your children and grandchildren. Dr Robert Jeffreys

Groete: Koekie Erlank

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