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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Hierdie gedig is deur my saamgestel uit n versameling van sy mees ingrypende


He came to earth like all of us, created for a purpose.

Not leaving us a legacy, but lived it here amongst us.

For us to see, to hear to learn and build a rainbow nation.

He dreamed about a land of grace

where bitterness for others

are put aside and love prevails –

while caring for each other.

He taught us to be masters and captains of our souls.

That everything is possible in reaching for our goals.

To live each day with passion not ever playing small.

That poverty is man-made created by us all.

Let's educate our children and let them understand,

that knowledge is our only hope to build our rainbow land.

Where people come together to share their hopes and dreams

Mandela's legacy will live and everyone will know,

that freedom lies within us not outside prison doors. Koekie Erlank

Hoop jy het dit geniet. Groete: Koekie Erlank


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