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Don’t become a slave to the opinions of others.

1. The moon does not trouble itself about the howling of the dogs!

2. Is an eagle going to ask a turkey how high he is allowed to fly?

If you are in the front line, you will be the first to get shot at. If criticism is leveled at you, analyze it. - If there is something you can learn that will help you, well, use it - Otherwise put it behind you and keep going. You cannot afford the luxury of carrying excess baggage. The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise then saved by criticism - Anon

n Goue reël wat ek deur die jare toegepas het: "Moet nooit vra WIE dit of dat gesê het nie, maar aan WAT gesê is, daaraan moet jy aandag gee"

Groete en geniet die dag!

Koekie Erlank.

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