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Prem Rawat was asked to define peace. This was his response:

There is no adequate word to describe peace.

Peace is not a stage where you just become a vegetable. That’s what most people define it at. You have no more desires – you sit on top of a mountain, eyes closed and people think you are a vegetable.


Peace is when your heart is filled with the gratitude for what you have been given ……without wanting more.

Peace is when you understand the value of the breath that you have been given. Peace is to admire this one beautiful lifetime you are given every single day. Peace is a feeling. A smile, a tear.

When you have it, you will know.

The qualities of Peaceful People

  1. They take a stand, not because they think they are always right… but because they are not afraid to be wrong.

  2. They listen ten times more than they speak; they know the only way to learn more is to listen more.

  3. They duck the spotlight so it shines on others. They stand back and let others shine.

  4. They freely ask for help. They know that when they seek help, they pay the person they ask a huge compliment.

  5. They don't put other people down. The only comparison they make, is to whom they were yesterday – and who they hope to someday become.

  6. They admit their mistakes. They don’t mind occasionally “looking bad.”

  7. They only seek approval from the people who really matter. -because they know that those people, are behind them.

In kort:

"Discipline yourself to live in the present moment" en

" Where ever you are, be there!"

Groete. Koekie Erlank. Geniet die naweek.

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