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I took a piece of plastic clay – and idly fashioned it one day. And as my fingers pressed it, still it moved and yielded to my will. I came again when days were past; the bit of clay was hard at last. The form I gave it still it bore and I could fashion it no more!

I took a piece of living clay, and gently pressed it day by day, and molded with my power and art, a young child’s soft and yielding heart. I came again when years had gone; it was my child I looked upon. He still that early impress bore, -and I could fashion him no more!! Anon

Studies have shown that in the average home, for every positive statement, a child receives 10 negative statements. No wonder so many children are growing up feeling that they are losers. Studies also point out that it takes four positive statements to cancel the effect on one negative statement.

ONTHOU: Jy is die draaiboek skrywer van jou kind se lewe.

Groete - Koekie Erlank.


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